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Blow Drying Tips for Smooth and Straight Hair

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This will give you a smooth, flat, glossy shine without volume.

1. Wash your hair with the shampoo of your choice, condition, towel-dry and comb.

2. Put 1 or 2 pea-size drops of shine product on your palm, and rub your palms together. Starting at the ends and stopping about 1/2 inch from the roots, blot or squeeze the shine product onto your hair and work it in evenly. With the remaining product trace left on your hands, starting at your forehead, run your hand flat over your hair from front to back.

3. Massage a dime-size dollop of straightening pomade into your hair, being sure to stop 1/2 inch from the roots.

4. Section your hair into six sections and clip in place (see below image). Attach the air compressor nozzle to your blow dryer and switch into a high-heat setting. Start with section one, which is your bangs/front.

5. If necessary for section one (bangs/front), correct any frizz or cowlick problems with the blow dryer. Proceed to section two (top/crown) while section one is still warm. section one (bang/front), hold the hair with your fingers, and pull it down straight. Heat it with the blow dryer, paying special attention to the roots. While the hair is still warm, hold it again with your fingers, pull it down taut, and slowly count to five to let it cool down.                                   

6. Pull down the hair in section two (top/crown) with the fingers of one hand and hold taut. Press the round brush into the roots and pull to create tension. Keep the hair pressed flat against your head with your brush (you can release your fingers) at all times without lifting up.            


7. Follow the brush with the blow dryer and keeping the nozzle flat against the hair, slide the brush down the section until you reach the ends.

8. Repeat the press-pull-slide routine as many times as necessary until the section is dry (3 to 6 times should do it).

9. Repeat steps 7-9 on section three (left side), section four (right side), section five (back left), section six (back right). To create a little height, you may want to insert a large stick on roller in section two while you dry the back and side sections.

10. Once a section is dry, you can flip the ends by rolling them up (left image) slightly in the round brush and blowing with warm air, or you can roll them under (right image) with the round brush and blow heat, or just leave the ends alone.

11. Finish by pressing the roots of section one (bangs/front) flat to your forehead with your hand or fingers and applying a final blast of heat.

12. Add a pea-size amount of straightening pomade for a glossy sheen and to eliminate any frizz.