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Facts About Hair That Everyone Needs to Know



There are plenty of myths floating around the Internet about what we should (and should not) do to keep our hair shiny, healthy and beautiful. But for every seemingly helpful piece of advice, there are even more questionable suggestions. Massaging your scalp with hot sauce to stimulate growth? Ouch!


Not every hair tip is appropriate for every head of hair (and dousing yourself with Tabasco is not advisable for anyone). Hair care is a science, however, and it comes with a few universal truths. Here are some common myths about hair, along with the facts that you need to keep your locks healthy at any hair type. So study up! And save the hot sauce for the barbecue, where it belongs.


Oil Strike


MYTH: “I have fine/straight hair, so oils will weigh it down.”


FACT: Many fine-haired individuals avoid oils out of fear that they will cause their strands to look flat and slick. But the truth of the matter is that even straight hair needs extra hydration, especially during the drier winter months or when heat styling is frequently used.


Just keep in mind that you will need to use less product than you think, and apply it at least 3 inches away from the roots, where excess oil will make your hair look instantly unwashed. If you still don’t like the appearance of your hair when it’s been treated with oil, try using it as a deep conditioner overnight. Come morning, your hair will have absorbed all excess product, leaving it shiny, protected and primed for styling.


If you’re the type who needs to set an iPhone reminder to tie your shoes, and the thought of adding "deep conditioning" to your list of things to remember makes you sick, opt instead for styling products that are formulated with lightweight Argan oil , like Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Thirst Quencher Hairspray. Using a product that hydrates while it holds? Suddenly, you are quite an impressive multi-tasker.


Brush It Off

MYTH: “A brush is a brush.”


FACT: If it has bristles and a handle, then it will work fine, right? Not quite! The different shapes and materials that hairbrushes are made up of are designed to do different jobs. The Beauty Department has made this very handy graphic to teach you what each different brush is meant to do:



No matter which type of brush you use, it needs to be cleaned regularly in order to work at its best. Use a bobby pin to pull all of the broken hairs out of its bristles, and then soak it in warm water mixed with shampoo to dissolve product buildup, oils, and kill bacteria. This should be done weekly or at least twice a month. While you're at it,  clean those makeup brushes, too.


A Pat on the Head


MYTH: “My hair is just naturally frizzy.”


FACT: While some hair types are more prone to frizz than others, that’s no reason to throw in the towel. Actually, it’s how you use the towel that may be part of the problem. Chances are, those who seem to always have effortlessly sleek hairstyles are not just genetically gifted. They have simply adopted hair habits that keep the cuticle of each strand from ruffling up, which is the main culprit of messy-looking flyaways.


One hair-damaging crime that many of us are guilty of is being too rough when we towel dry. Instead of rubbing hair to absorb water, which creates strand-splitting friction, use your towel to gently squeeze or pat water from the hair. It’s far gentler and will make a big difference in keeping frizz at bay. Bonus points if you invest in a terry cloth hair wrap, which has a smoother surface than ordinary cotton towels.


What is the craziest hair advice you’ve ever heard? Did it work for you? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!