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Nick’s Diva Delight Cleanse & Style Gift Set for all your beauty needs . Every Diva needs Nick's four-piece collection cleansing and styling products. Super-size Diva Liquid Gold Mega Body Shampoo and Conditioner nourishes the hair, provides big volume, mega body and hydration, while infusing health and strength to each strand. Set also includes Diva styling products such as, Nick’s Diva Showtime Weightless Pomade. Set also includes: Diva Protein Styling Spray, boosts protein into your hair to strengthen each strand building full bodied styles with sexy moves, touchable hold and brush able texture.

Nick Chavez’ Diva™ Liquid Gold Mega-Body Shampoo nourishes the hair while cleansing the scalp. Provides big volume, mega body and hydration, while infusing health and strength to each strand. pH balanced. Sulfate free formula. Enriched with Arnica Flower, Clove, Acai Berry, White Ginger, Sage, Kelp Extract and Soy Proteins.

Nick Chavez’ Diva™ Liquid Gold Mega-Body Conditioner adds volume without weighing the hair down. Helps make hair stronger from deep within the root. Provides protection from heated styling tools while giving each hair strand more body, more hydration and a luxurious feel. Paraben free formula. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Acai Berry, Sage, and Soy Proteins.

Nick Chavez’ Diva Showtime Weightless Pomade is a greaseless grooming cream that separates long hair to create loose, defined waves and a “piecey” look. For short hair, styles gain texture and definition. Not greasy, tacky or crunchy. Controls frizzies. Soy Proteins and Silk Amino Acids add a weightless silky texture without residue. Sulfate/paraben free.



  • 16oz Diva Liquid Gold Mega-Body Shampoo
  • 16oz Diva Liquid Gold Mega-Body Conditioner
  • 4oz Showtime Weightless Pomade
  • 8oz Diva Protein Spray


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This shampoo/conditioner is the only one that actually works. Leaves my hair with a lot of volume and my curls actually stay!!! Rita


Amazing Shannon Baggett
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