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Color-Saver Sulfate Free Shampoo 8 fl oz

Color-Saver Sulfate Free Shampoo 8 fl oz


Product Description

Nick Chavez’ Color-Saver Sulfate Free Shampoo provides serious color protection with this ultra-gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. It is designed to gently remove product build up, while powerful UV protectants and natural anti-oxidants from White Tea enhance color preservation and protection for chemically treated and color treated hair. A combination of Apple, Lemon and Horsetail extracts maintain hair’s body throughout the day. The result is shiny, beautiful, bright and moisturized hair.

Directions for use: Wet hair completely with warm water. Apply a small amount of shampoo in hand and massage into root area and all over hair. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Repeat if necessary. Avoid contact with eyes.

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