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Nick's Gorgeous Red Hair Beauty Tips!

All in the Eye of the Beholder!

Going red this New Year is all about the eyes. The vibrant red hair look compliments lighter eyes, and the brighter your eyes, the lighter shade of red you should go. Make sure you consult with your colorist on which shade of red you desire, and always remember to be your absolute Gorgeous Self!  


Strawberry Blond

Make sure you have the right skin tone that compliments your wish for gorgeous Strawberry Blond locks. Most women with this look have very fair skin. Adding beautiful blond highlights around the face is ideal to give that twinkle to your eye.

Soft Ginger

This look brings out the peaches and cream in the right fair skin with yellow undertones, giving a beautiful glow. This look works best when no highlights are added, giving your hair a sweet, warm look.

Golden Strawberry Red

For those of you with fair to medium skin with golden olive undertones, dark, rich copper and golden reds are more flattering than cool reds, like scarlet or crimson.

Golden Chestnut

When you have deep olive skin, you want to keep the ratio of red very subtle. Ask your hair specialist for coppery highlights throughout for that soft, glimmery, sunset glow.

Keep Your Color Gorgeous!

Keep your color gorgeous with my rich, conditioning Color Keeper™ Professional Weekly Booster helps to protect chemically and color treated hair against fading with key ingredients consisting of Botanisil, Quinoa, and Jojoba-derived emollients. Infuses each strand to secure color for the ultimate color-preserving treatment. Protects color against washout, UV fading, and oxidation, no matter what type of water you have. Enhances the vibrancy and shine of chemically and color-treated hair. Use weekly to maintain and protect color.


Directions for use: After shampooing, squeeze out excess water from hair. Pump a liberal amount of treatment (depending on hair length) through hair 2-3 inches from scalp. Leave on (10) minutes. Rinse with cool water. Repeat every week.