Nick Chavez 4-Piece Velvet Mesquite Collection Gift Set

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Nick Chavez' 4-Piece Velvet Mesquite Gift Set is everything you need for your thick, moisturized, healthy, and shiny hair! 


Gift Set! Includes my 2oz Velvet Mesquite Shampoo, Conditioner, 2.25oz Velvet Mesquite Hairspray and 8oz Velvet Mesquite Serum


Nick Chavez’ Travel VELVET MESQUITE HYDRATING/THICKENING SHAMPOO is a thoroughly modern thickening and hydrating shampoo that gently cleanses without stripping hair or fading color. Velvet Mesquite extract nourishes the hair and scalp while providing the optimum environment for thicker, fuller hair. Safe to use with hair extensions. pH balanced.

Directions for use: Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Apply a small amount of shampoo on hand and massage into root area of hair. Rinse with cool water. Avoid contact with eyes.


Nick Chavez’ Travel VELVET MESQUITE HYDRATING/THICKENING CONDITIONING CREAM is enriched with nano-filaments and Velvet Mesquite extract. Thickens and hydrates each hair shaft from deep within without weighing down your hair.

Directions for use: Apply conditioner 2 inches away from scalp and let sit for 1 to 5 minutes. Keep on longer for extra conditioning. Rinse with cool water. Not to be used for children under three years of age.


Nick Chavez’ Travel VELVET MESQUITE HAIRSPRAY is both hydrating and thickening with a flexible holding and no stickiness or build-up. Leaves hair feeling weightless and manageable with brilliant shine. Infused with Nick’s remarkable signature ingredient, Velvet Mesquite, which effectively provides the ultimate thickness without weight and hydration to each strand.

Directions for use: To add extra volume, flip hair over, open hair with fingers and spray 10-12 inches away, flip hair back, style and spray.


Nick Chavez’ 8oz VELVET MESQUITE SERUM is a custom blended serum formulated to provide deep conditioning benefits, thus adding to hair’s strength and thickness. Infused with Nick’s remarkable signature ingredient, Velvet Mesquite, effectively providing the ultimate thickness without weighing the hair down and hydration to each hair strand. *increases hair thickness by 5.8%, *72% reduction in broken hair fibers. Hypoallergenic. *in a clinical study

Directions for use: HAIR: Use 1 pump for fine, thinning hair; 2 pumps for normal hair; 3 pumps for thick, coarse hair. Rub into hands, then evenly distribute through damp or dry hair. *Add 2 drops to conditioner
for additional moisture and detangling. SKIN: Use 1-2 pumps for dry areas of the body, such as elbows, feet, nail beds, dry scalps and anywhere hydration is required. Rub into hands and apply.

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Buy for Beautiful Hair

I have used the serum for awhile, and I received a sample of the Velvet Mesquite hairspray (simply the best I have ever used). My husband and I were in a race to use the Velvet Mesquite shampoo and conditioner. We both have dry hair, and the two combined revived my dry blond hair. My husband loves his hair again. He says it makes his hair feel like it did in his 30's. These two products are outstanding. Katherine Williams

Got to Have More

Received the Velvet Mesquite Hairspray with my order. WOW...Please make more of this. It does give my hair volume and shine and "stay" power. MORE MORE MORE PLEASE. Katherine Williams

Recent order not received

I have not received this order. Gail Hayes
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