Nick’s Easy Styling System

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An innovative 3 piece system designed to create thickness and style for all hair types. Nick’s Easy Styler tool is a flattening iron, curling iron and hot brush ALL IN ONE! When used with the Velvet Mesquite Serum and Velvet Mesquite Hairspray, hair is transformed into thicker, hydrated, beautifully styled hair that lasts all day. 


Kit Includes: Nick's Easy Styler, Velvet Mesquite Serum 2oz, Velvet Mesquite Hairspray 10oz

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Nick easy styling tool

I love it you curl it and straighten my hair at the same time Tracy Shelton

EXTREMELY Useful and Wonderful Styling Tool!

Nick's styling tool is great. He named it the Easy Styler and it's true to its name. It REALLY was super easy to use. I was surprised that I was using it with such ease. When I first turned it on to use it, I though I would be using it for about 30 to 45 minutes, as I have VERY, VERY, VERY thick, coarse, curly hair. It only took me about 10 to 15 minutes to use it and my hair looked lovely. I also love that when I set it to the LOW setting, it blinks to let me know that it's heating up and then the light turns solid when it's ready to use. I tried something a long time ago called a Maxi Glide thermal hair tool and it was okay, but this Easy Styler that Nick Chavez made is fabulous! The fact that the cord swivels is handy, too. I also like that it shuts off after 30 minutes for safety. It's really great. Thanks for making this, Nicky-pie.

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Better than the best!!!!

When I came to Nick's website to shop for items I needed to "replenish"' I was thrilled to see this new styling set. Knowing that Nick developed it, and that the products included would be top notch, I put it in my shopping cart before I started looking for the other items I needed. The Styler arrived yesterday and it is absolutely THE BEST hair styling product I've ever purchased and use--and I should know. I've owned everything on the market it seems for the past 20+ years. This styler is easy to use, does what it says and works in two,different ways very effectively. The products are divine. The hair spray is a real winner and I csnt say enough about the serum. Buy this set and you won't be sorry. Once again, congratulations and thank you to Nick!


I love this system! I am so pleased with the styler. It is the easiest one I have ever used. And two in one is genius. I have bought so many of this type of styler and never been happy. The search is over. This is fantastic. I find it so easy to use and I am not good with tools! The serum is also a pleasant surprise. It is NOT greasy and does a wonderful job smoothing my hair in the hot humid weather we are having. I like the spray as well. This is a real 5 star deal. Jayne Hawthorne
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