Nick’s Easy Styling Tool

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Nick’s Easy Styler tool is a flattening iron, curling iron and hot brush ALL IN ONE! When used with the Velvet Mesquite Serum and Velvet Mesquite Hairspray, hair is transformed into thicker, hydrated, beautifully styled hair that lasts all day. 


Kit Includes: Nick's Easy Styler

Customer Reviews (2)

Great product!!

I love this!! Easy to use and the heat is perfect for my fine curly hair!! Thank you Nick!! Denise D Salinas

Styling Tool

This tool was nothing like I was expecting. I thought it was like a blowing brush with a flat iron and curling iron. I thought it would blow hot air out like the brushes I had now. I didn't even get instructions with it. It came in a crushed box into another box, nothing else. I will be sending this back Margie Czwakiel
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