Nick's Story




Life is precious and meant to be lived moment by moment. It's our birthright to live with lovin each and every second of the day that God has given us. We often forget that each day that we’re alive on this beautiful earth may never come again.


"We must take the time to cherish each moment and nurture ourselves and love one another and be the blessing that we were born to be."


We, are all connected and must understand that our stories are similar to one another and that words are meant to be spoken to help heal ourselves and also each another.


I believe what ‘God has lead me through has become my own testimony to share. I pray that my story will also help you, or someone you love through their own journey.’


I am a cancer survivor, and this is my story.


Early March 2020, I was diagnosed with cancer. That day is still so vivid in my mind. Since the passing of my beloved Mom in December, 2019,  I was carrying such a pain in my abdomen, I had thought it was due to my severe sadness of missing her. Our bodies store pain, and eventually that pain may prevail as depression, heartbreak and sometimes even cancer. I have lived my life knowing that we must accept what is, and let go of what was, and let God take over. On that day of my diagnosis, I knew then, I could no longer try to hold the world up on my shoulders alone, but needed my family and God’s shoulder to lean on.


My experience with cancer has become familiar to many testimonies shared with me in the past years by my beautiful and brave customers whom I hold dear. I took their stories to heart of hair loss due to stress, depression, medication, and chemotherapeutic treatment. And, now I share that story. 


Chemotherapy affects all the cells in your body, not just the cancer cells, and also dries out your skin. Hair loss or thinning can happen with some chemotherapy treatments, and, it certainly happened to me. I researched and discovered that hair re-growth may occur between six months to one year after you complete chemotherapy. Growth depends on what your diet and stress level are. Some patients after chemotherapy experience hair loss, texture, and sometimes even the color may change when your hair grows back.


“I've always believed that life is not meant to be lived in pain. It’s how we cope with the pain that makes the difference. Self-love is the greatest medicine.”


And, with this in mind, I began my chemotherapy treatment in April to help reduce the size of my tumor prior to surgery. I was terribly sick, but I healed. And yes, my hair and skin healed too! Both recovered.


My years of research and development of nourishing and nurturing both haircare and skincare products really helped. I would like to share what I am now calling my ‘Hair & Skin Recovery System’ that has personally helped me through my own healing process. I’ve listed key products and tips below that I have used daily to help nurture my own hair as well as my skin during this difficult time.


"For thirty years, I've made it my life's passion to putting the 'care' back into hair care."


Hear my story on Dare to Share Beauty on QVC! I am forever grateful to all for tuning in and to Shawn Killinger for sharing the news that I am now cancer free. GOD BLESS YOU.


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Tips for healthy hair, scalp, and skin:


  • Love and be gentle when you wash your hair. I recommend using my Plumper ’N Thicker Shampoo w/ Bio-Gen Technology. Do not color, bleach, or perm your hair during the initial re-growth stage.


  • Do not color or use any chemicals that may cause damage to your hair fibers which may cause additional hair loss. If you must, use a semi-permanent color or tint. 


  • Moisturize your hair by using my Plumper ’N Thicker Conditioner, formulated w/ my advanced and nutrient-rich ingredients to add thickness and strength within. Leave the product on for 30 seconds and then rinse with warm water.


  • After shampooing and conditioning, towel-dry your hair and add a light mist of my Plumper ’N Thicker Thickening Mist for added thickness, hydration and shine.


  • Add a few drops of my Velvet Mesquite Serum to all of your haircare products to help hydrate, replenish, and restore each hair strand. Provides the ultimate thickness and hydration without weighing the hair down. Helps promote healthy hair re-growth for your scalp, lashes, brows and softens your skin.


“Be-You-tiful moments shared are the most cherished moments in life."






Plumper ’N Thicker Collection


Adding Pro-Vitamin B7 Biotin, Collagen, Keratin, Rosemary, and Sage into my Plumper ’N Thicker Collection was key to helping women and men with sudden hair loss due to diet or medication. The healing properties of my cruelty-free formula enhanced with my powerful Bio-Gen Technology, a nutrient-rich power-house of ingredients.


Plumper ‘N Thicker Ultra Thickening Shampoo with Bio-Gen Technology is a nutrient-rich, power-house of ingredients called Bio-Gen, which consists of ProVitamin B7 Biotin and Collagen. This shampoo creates the ultimate thickness for fine, thinning hair. Gently formulated to use everyday. Helps give each strand of hair a beautiful boost! It will leave your hair feeling thicker, fuller and looking healthy and shiny. Safe for colored and chemically treated hair. pH balanced.


Plumper ‘N Thicker Ultra Thickening Conditioner with Bio-Gen Technology creates thickness and strength from deep within. Delivers rejuvenating and nourishing benefits to the hair.  Formulated with an advanced and nutrient-rich, power-house of ingredients called Bio-Gen, which consists of ProVitamin B7 Biotin and Collagen. This
conditioner creates the ultimate thickness for fine, thinning hair. Keratin strengthens each strand for a beautiful healthy head of hair. It will leave your hair feeling thicker, fuller and looking healthy and shiny. Will not weigh down hair.


Plumper ‘N Thicker Ultra Body & Thickening Cream with Bio-Gen Technology is a revolutionary styling product that entraps an active gel  inside a hydrating system to deliver a combination of benefits: thickness, volume, glossy shine and luxurious softness. It includes a nutrient-rich, power-house of ingredients called Bio-Gen, which consists of ProVitamin B7 Biotin and Collagen. The results are amazing, beautiful looking hair! 



Plumper ‘N Thicker Ultra Thickening Mist with Bio Gen Technology is powered by ProVitamin B7 Biotin and Collagen, creating plumpness, thickness, hydration and body into limp, fine and lifeless hair. No stickiness or heaviness. Great for all hair types.



Plumper ’N Thicker healing properties include:


ProVitamin B7 Biotin - plays an important role in keeping your hair, skin, and nails healthy. Deficiency in biotin can lead to hair loss, shedding, color fading and scaly skin.


Collagen - Your hair is primarily make up of the protein keratin. Collagen helps build proteins and compounds to help build keratin.


Keratin – Works by smoothing the cells that overlap to form your hair strands, the cuticle absorbs the keratin resulting in full, glossy hair. Also curly hair is less frizzy and easier to style and straighten.


Arnica Montana Flower Extract - Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties while clearing away built-up oils on the scalp.


Rosmarius Officinalis Leaf Extract - Main active is rosemary, a potent antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. It has also anti-bacterial, astringent and toning properties.


Sage Leaf Extract - The natural oils in sage strengthen the roots and stimulate healthy hair growth.


Velvet Mesquite Serum


Formulated to increase the volume and health of limp, fine and thinning hair. The healing properties of my cruelty-free formula and enhanced Velvet Mesquite extract thickens each strand as it promotes healthy hair growth. A custom blended serum formulated to provide deep conditioning benefits, thus adding to hair’s strength and thickness effectively providing the ultimate thickness without weighing the hair down and hydration to each hair strand. *increases hair thickness by 5.8%, *72% reduction in broken hair fibers. Hypoallergenic. *in a clinical studyKeratin amino acids and wheat proteins repair damaged, split ends while panthenol smooths away frizz. Vitamins A and E restore strength and bounce while protecting against environmental damage. 



Additional Velvet Mesquite healing properties include:


Glycoproteins – Glyco peptides that benefits thinning, weak hair. 


Collagen – hair uses the amino acids in collagen to build proteins and strengthen the skin that contain hair roots. Also helps prevent hair follicle damage and graying.


Keratin – hair is composed of keratin. Works by smoothing the cells that overlap to form your hair strands, the cuticle absorbs the keratin resulting in full, glossy hair. Also curly hair is less frizzy and easier to style and straighten.


Retinyl Palmitate – enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin and hair by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness. 


Silk Amino Acids – silk proteins bind to the hair to treat damage and add a protective barrier that seals in moisture making hair more manageable  and less prone to breakage.


Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) – a natural anti-oxidant that assists in hair growth. It reduces oxidative stress and free radicals that cause hair follicle cells to break down.


Velvet Mesquite Body Spray 


One of the most common problem for patients during and after chemotherapy therapy is dry, and itchy skin. Our skin is our largest organ and protects us from many of the germs and elements that can be harmful to our health. Healthy skin is essential for our physical well-being. During my cancer treatment, my skin became dry, my nails were brittle. At the beginning of each and everyday, I add Velvet Mesquite Body Spray into my routine to help hydrate, moisturize and replenish my skin back to health. BOGO Special while supplies last!