"I love the Velvet Mesquite collection because it does what is says.  Also, watching Mr. Chavez on QVC I have learned a lot more about hair care than any other salon to which I have been or watched on TV. Lastly, you can tell Mr. Chavez really does care about helping women take care of and improve the health of their hair."

- Carol


"Healthy beautiful hair!!!! I’ve been using Nick's products for quite sometime and nothing leaves your hair as vibrant, full, bouncey and healthy as Nick’s haircare. He is the hair goddess to learning, having and creating stunning hair. I’m a clinical aesthetician and could get lots of products at cost but NONE of them work magic like his. I recommend all my patients to him because they actually help your hair be its best! I have lots of hair but not great body. With his volumizing products, I get dream hair without having sticky hair. It’s helped my mother’s hair get fuller and healthier. I could go on and on.... just try them... you will never use anything else. In fact, I love him so much.... Nick is on my bucket list for a dream hair day with him"

- Elizabeth


"The hairspray is great.  The package arrived early.  I appreciate how someone took the time to package my items.  The items were packaged with care not just thrown in a box. Thank you."

- Christine


"About six years ago, my hair was falling out. No matter what brands I tried. I had watched Nick Chavez on QVC many times, so I decided to try his products. Well, my hair stopped falling out and it’s got shine. Now, my granddaughter uses his products. I won’t use any other products on my hair."

- Angelina


"I have used Nick’s product since 1998. I have been pretty faithful since that time. I began with purchasing his “Perfect Plus” line travel kit. I have recommended his products to many others. I always had been told that his products worked very well from everybody I referred them too. I have bought many of his products from QVC. Also, many discontinued ones. Once in awhile, I purchase from other sites. I will continue using his products. Keep up creating your Awesome products Nick!"

 - Tammy


"Nick products are fantastic gives me a new look I am 69 years old and when we would have family pictures I always wore a ponytail and looked older, no style flat flat hair. Now, my family asks what salon I am going to and now I style my hair in different ways. You gave me a new life! Thanks Nick"

- Linda


"I have always loved Nick and his products. Thank you. May he continue on with his great products."

- Colleen


"I was given the Plump 'N Thick shampoo and leave in conditioner as a gift. Didn't use it right away, boy am I sorry... this product is Awesome.. I'm older with limp hair.. not any more. It's never looked so good."

- Rebecca


"I have been using Nick's products for nearly 20 years because they make my fine hair look full and thick.."

- Helene


"My hair does not have the inner most layer called the medulla; it will not hold a perm or color & is very fine & has no body what so ever. Nick's products help me style my hair & keeps it styled all day. I will not leave home without my hair being NICKED."

- Deborah


"Nick's hairspray is the best hair spray I've ever used. When I get close to running out I order more. Some time when I can I order a double order and it last a long time because it hold's so good."

- Beverly


"My hair looks amazing. It’s full and shiny again. I’m 67 and my hair looks like it did when I was in my 20s and 30s. So glad I found Nick!!"

- Dolly


"All the products I have purchased have been excellent and I have been a long-time customer."

- Rose Marie


"I love Nick's hair products. I color my hair and I use the shampoo and conditioner to keep it hydrated it never looks dried out,  I also use the Angel Wings hair spray, it holds but never is stiff. I can still run a comb or my hand thru it. LOVE Nick Chavez"

- Linda


"Great products and I always get my orders promptly.  Love the Plump 'N Thick hairspray!"

- Melanie


"Great products. In Nashville and very humid. It helps my fine hair have some body in this humidity."

- Linda