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Tame Your Curls!

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Curly Girls Know Best!

Those of you with curly hair know it can be both a blessing and a curse. When it behaves, nothing's better than having a head full of perfect gorgeous curls without frizz!

Curls Gone Wild?

Thirsty, frizzy, stressed-out curly hair has a mind of its own. And when you try to wrestle those same misbehaving curls into submission, it only makes matters worse.

Tame Your Curls

Searching for a wonderful shampoo & conditioner that actually works at the foundation to tame your unruly, thirsty curls? Look no further. My popular Thirst Quencher Shampoo & Conditioner help hydrate / moisturize your hair and make your curls soft and more defined, while keeping the frizz under control.

Born to Bounce

Define your thirsty curls with less frizz, and get the volume your curls were born for. After washing and conditioning your locks back to 'good health', enhance your natural curls and waves with my Velvet Mesquite Hair Masque. Helps restore integrity and health for all hair types. Contains Mother Nature’s miracle, my award winning Velvet Mesquite Serum, which restores moisture, strength and proteins. Smells good too!

Caring For Colored Treated Hair: The Basic Rules

The simple fact of the matter is this: color treated hair is damaged hair. But that doesn’t necessarily make it something to avoid!   In fact, because our hair is  made up of proteins rather than living cells, it basically begins to dry out from the moment it grows beyond the follicle. That’s why we use conditioning products with oils that [...]

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100 Years of Irish Beauty in Under 2 Minutes

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Ireland has a rich and storied past, and it's fascinating to see it reflected in the looks that were common throughout the decades. Take a look:     Check out WatchCut Video on YouTube for even more "100 Years of Beauty" videos!

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Facts About Hair That Everyone Needs to Know

  There are plenty of myths floating around the Internet about what we should (and should not) do to keep our hair shiny, healthy and beautiful. But for every seemingly helpful piece of advice, there are even more questionable suggestions. Massaging your scalp with hot sauce to stimulate growth? Ouch!   Not every hair tip is appropriate for every head of hair [...]

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Friday Links List - March 11th

This week's collection of interesting reads from around the web!  16 Ultra-Modern, Stylish Wedding Cakes To Inspire Your Big Day Whether or not you’re planning a wedding, these beautiful cakes are a feast for the eyes.    5 Brilliant Travel Gadgets You Had No Idea Existed Traveling is supposed to be fun, right? Let this collection of gadgets add some effortlessness to [...]

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​How To Change Your Style Without Cutting Your Hair #AskNickChavez

Have a hair question that you need answered? Use the tag #AskNickChavez on  Twitter, Instagram or on my Facebook page to get my professional tips!   #AskNickChavez I need a new style without cutting my hair but curls won't stay. Any ideas? — @sweetchick79607) March 7, 2016   As you already know, curling hair is a great way to switch up your style and visually [...]

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Friday Links List - February 26th

Celebrate Friday with this weekly roundup of links to the latest lifestyle stories!   10 of the Craziest Nail Trends You've Ever Seen Some of these ideas are cute (nails that look like cable knit sweaters!) while others are impractical, to say the least (we're looking at you, faux fur manicure).   6 Things Models Always Do to Achieve Flawless Skin Beyond what [...]

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Hair Color Trend: Ronze is the New Red (And Brown)

It's so beautiful when two ideas that are good on their own join together to create something even more awesome. From brunch to  Brookies, smizing to frenemies (okay, maybe not so much that last one), we are fully surrounded by things that are greater than the sum of their parts.   It's a fact that is especially true [...]

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#AskNickChavez: How can I stimulate hair regrowth?

While it's probably not practical to get on a plane and visit me at my Beverly Hills salon every time you need hair advice (nobody has  that many airline miles), I still like to be easily accessible so that women all over the world can feel Every Day Gorgeous.   As part of my #AskNickChavez series, I will be taking your [...]

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The 2016 Grammy Awards: Best in Beauty

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony took place on February 15th, 2016, to recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry. While many fans tuned in to the broadcast on CBS to see which of their favorite artists would   take home a trophy, we beauty-obsessed individuals looked to the red carpet to see Hollywood A-listers step [...]

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