Give Your Hair a Wake Up Call w/ Nick's Amazon Infinity Mist

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Hello Gorgeous,

Is your hair tired and chemically worn out? It's time to give your hair a wake-up call! Try my AMAZON INFINITY MIST, perfect to hydrate, moisturize & add proteins to your chemically treated hair. 

My Amazon Infinity Mist boosts body and rejuvenates dried and brittle ends. Builds full bodied styles with sexy moves, touchable hold, and a buoyant feel. Retains moisture without weighing your hair down! You will see and feel the benefits and amazing versatility in just one use! Can be used with Amazon styling products for extra body and thickness.

Direction for Use:

Towel dry hair. Spray through damp hair. No need to rinse out. Blow dry and style your hair beautiful!

Just spritz up to 5 sprays, depending on the length of your hair, and rub your hands to together. Run your fingers through your hair to the tips of your ends.

Do You Highlight, Color or Chemically Treat Your Hair?

Make sure to run the Amazon Infinity Mist through the tip of your ends, which have been dried out from bleach, highlights, color, straightening or even if you have curly hair!

Watch How-To Use Video:

Watch my how-to look gorgeous while using my Amazon Infinity Mist video and learn how easy it is to add protein, bounce and shine to your hair!


Enjoy that Every Day Gorgeous Look!

Nick xo

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