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Hydrate, Thicken, Replenish, Restore with Velvet Mesquite

Clean Hair is Healthy Hair! 

Fall is here so always remember to use a hydrating shampoo like my Velvet Mesquite Hydrating / Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. My award Velvet Mesquite extract nourishes both hair and scalp while providing the optimum environment for thicker, fuller hair. Safe to use with hair extentions and pH balanced. Gently cleanses and conditions without stripping hair or fading your color. When you’re massaging in your shampoo, try to keep it concentrated to your scalp — this will fix greasy hair and help curb the effects of over-stripping your already dry ends of needed essential oils.

Skin Care for Your Hair

Hair serum is one of the best products to take care of your dry ends. Apply a few drops of my award winning, nourishing Velvet Mesquite Serum through your length and ends. This will add needed moisture, as well as smooth down any frizz and flyaways that can result from dry and damaged hair. Provide deep conditioning benefits, thus adding to hair’s strength and thickness. Clinicals show *increases hair thickness by 5.8%, *72% reduction in broken hair strands. 

Repair & Restore Your Hair 

Is your hair stressed, damaged, and chemically over-processed from the hot Summer? You will love the results from my Velvet Mesquite Restoring Spray. Helps to repair, rebuild and revitalize your hair with the rejuvenating strength of my award winning signature ingredient, Velvet Mesquite Extract. Helps restructure and protect against further harm and damage while being restored to its peak condition. Helps to repair breakage, split ends and damage from thermal appliances. Restores hair integrity, moisture and health for all hair types.

Hold Your Style in Place

The look is the hook with a sleek ponytail pulled back for the Fall days ahead. Use my Velvet Mesquite Thickening Hydrating Styling Gel is a maximum control styling gel for hard-to-hold styles. Firm-holding ingredients lock in any look. Delivers thickness and moisture with high shine and bold texture. Infused with my remarkable signature ingredient, Velvet Mesquite, which effectively provides the ultimate thickness without weight, along with hydration to each strand.

Soft Silky Skin 

Give my Velvet Mesquite Body Spray a try this Fall sold in a light mist spritzer for the body, which hydrates, moisturizes and replenishes suppleness to all skin types. Instantly vanishes into the skin, sealing in moisture. Skin feels moisturized, soft, silky and looks radiant.