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Gray, Bold & Beautiful!

Gray, Bold, & Beautiful

Are you ready to let your gorgeous locks go gray? More women are dumping the permanent hair dye, and saying goodbye to 6-week touch-ups! If it’s time to let your natural shade of gray shine, put down the color, 'embrace your gray, be bold, and feel beautiful!'

Problem: Gray hair is usually dry, wiry, frizzy and unruly.

Solution: A great style & cut from your stylist paired with deep hydration will save the day. My Diva™ Glitzy SilkyStyling Glaze provides natural looking shine and gloss. Transforms limp, lifeless hair into a smooth, blow-out. Protects against humidity and frizz. Great for curly/wavy hair. 

Gray is the New Blonde!

Times are changing and women of all ages are owning their newly gorgeous silver shade - no matter what age. I style textured bobs, and beachy waves in my salon - some touched, and some untouched by color. While gray hair is beautiful, there is one characteristic that most of us can do without, and that is the not so mellow 'yellowing.'

Problem: The environment can oxidize your hair, or water that you use to wash your gorgeous gray could have a high iron content and could be causing your silver locks to turn yellow.

Solution: Keep your silver hair looking shiny, luxurious and conditioned. Once every week or two, give my BRASS-OUT™ Violet Shampoo & BRASS-OUT™ Leave-In Conditioner a try. Neutralizes brassy, yellow tones while enhancing highlights and improving your hair's elasticity. Hair is soft and manageable with shimmering highlights. Natural proteins add body and gloss. Add a dab of my Velvet Mesquite Serum to give you the hydrated & luminous hair you've been looking for.

Love Your Silver Locks

Hydrate & Moisturize with my Advanced Volume Shampoo & Conditioner, formulated with an advanced and innovative ingredient foundation we call Expansion Technology™, which features a moisturizing ingredient that delivers rejuvenating and nourishing benefits to your hair. My Thirst Quencher™ Hydrating Hairspraynourishes and moisturizes your gorgeous gray. Formulated with Argan Oil, infuses hydration into each strand leaving your hair feeling weightless and manageable. For the ultimate style finisher, Diva® Hollywood Starlet Shine & Conditioning Spray is designed to provide a glass like sheen and starlet glamour to your hair while promoting all over conditioning and protection 24/7.